exceptional, u.s. developed, proprietary breeding lines

We are an Alabama company, providing colored-feathered, old style broiler chicks to the pastured poultry producer, live markets and other growers of great tasting chicken. All of our broiler chicks come from our own, proprietary breeding lines that we have naturally developed. As a result of years of effort, we believe we are the only provider of colored-feathered broiler chicks in the U.S. which supplies 100% of its hatchery chicks from its own US developed pedigree lines.

Why is this important to you? Because our birds are bred to be broilers, not birds with just pretty feathers, but baby chickens bred to be grown outdoors or indoors with good growth rates, feed conversion and meat on their bones. The fact that they also happen to be drop dead gorgeous is a bonus. When you order baby chicks from S&G Poultry, you know they will be great tasting and tender. And if your customers are pleased, so are we.

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